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Moon Silence

Oleg Minkevich, Moon Silence

Oleg Minkevich studied at the Novgorod Art School from1986 to 1988, and soon after was showing work in group exhibitions throughout Russia and into New York and California. Moon Silence was done in 1994 which was a very productive year for Minkevich, who also painted Gold of Fall and June Afternoon the same year. His works can currently be found in private collections in England, Germany, Norway, Austria, and Russia.

In Moon Silence, Minkevich unmistakably displays his attuned knowledge of color theory. With a humble analogous palette, consisting of only mixes of blue and green, he is able to conjure not only the appearance of the night but also its spirit. One’s thoughts seem to wander into the quiet of the night until the mind is freed from the burdens of the day. The word bold may not come to mind when describing this painting, but it does possess a powerfully alluring quality that invites you to lose yourself in the calm of the night. In such a still scene the only activity comes from the pronounced brushstrokes that swirl across the canvas as in a Van Gogh.

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