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Air Travelers

Sabir Gadzhiev is married to a fellow painter, Svetlana Gadzhieva (whom will be discussed later). Both graduated from Repin’s Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg where they continue to live and work together; often collaborating on each other’s art. They refer to their works as the “Metaphysical Mind” because of their “Different techniques and multidimensional… to get out from ordinary, trite reality."

The muted colors, soft light, and structurally refined composition make Air Travelers an impactful and emotional painting. The picture plane is separated into two parts by the green and white, and in the center of our focus, framed by simple green tree, is the object of wonder, the hot air balloon. Nevertheless, it could be argued that it is the two small figures holding hands that add the most intrigue. One can sense the romance and kinship they share, and yet, there is a feeling of wistfulness. There is an air of mystery that causes us to wonder; is the hot air balloon for pleasure, or simply a means of escape?

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