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Black Acrobat

Oleg Golovko, Black Acrobat

Oleg Golovko’s background is in theater, initially studying stage painting and then stage management. He’s since attended the École des Beaux-Arts and has received grants and won international competitions for his work in the performing and visual arts. His work with performers inspired his 1997 series on acrobatics.

Acrobatics is a tradition that has fascinated the public for centuries; it is dangerous; yet, graceful; exhilarating; yet, hypnotic. Golovko captures the flexibility and power that is being demonstrated as the performer flies through the air; he then freezes this moment on canvas. The normally smooth, sinuous human body becomes sharp and angular like a weapon. The brilliant white that outlines the form is liken to looking at the human body through an x-ray. Such a strange distortion of the human is taking place in this painting that the acrobat seems almost alien to us.

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