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Tea One

Painting by Alex Krylov

Alexander Krylov, Tea One

Alexander Krylov first earned his diploma as a jeweler in 1984, later moving onto painting. Since he has exhibited in a number of exhibitions ranging from Munich, Seoul, New York and Moscow to California. Tea One was painted in 1992 as part of a series that includes his works Tea Two etcetera. These works have been displayed around the world including the Russian Museum and the National Korean Gallery. His paintings are in the collections of various museums in Russia, and in private collections in France, Germany and England.

Tea One behaves more like an optical illusion than a stuffy still life. The tables and dinnerware feel as though they are going to topple right out of the painting, causing you to unconsciously take a step back when you first glance at this painting. Krylov has chosen a simple complimentary scheme for his colors, but his composition is much more complex; with intersecting lines which guide your eye to and fro. Krylov’s playfully chaotic still lives stand in a category all their own.

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