Psychic Games

Arthur Molev, Psychic Games

Not only did Arthur Molev take part in art exhibitions worldwide but he was also highly praised as an artist in a well-known Moscow magazine. With a formal art education from the Academy of Industrial Arts, Molev succeeded in exhibiting his works in galleries around the world. One of his best-known works, Psychic Games, 1995, won acclaim in exhibitions in Paris and New York.

Psychic Games is a fittingly odd title for such a twisted dream-like world. The swirling blue that encircles the composition is dizzying; as is the crooked worm’s eye view from which we are witnessing the strange events. Planes, like submarines, glide through the deep background; as indistinguishable yellow creatures parachute down. The colors melt together and blur as though our consciousness is being altered after by the psychedelics for which this is named.

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