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Russian Forest

Sergey Skirchenko, Russian Forest

Sergey Skirchenko studied at State Art College in Moscow. He is best known for his beautiful paintings of the Russian landscapes; with his most acclaimed works being Breath of Time and Russian Forest.

Painted the same year as the politically charged work Eurasia by Shlykov, Russian Forest presents a stark contrast. Instead of highlighting the trials taking place, he emphasizes the purity of the freshly fallen snow, the strength and age of the tall trees, and the expansiveness of the forest. By simply painting what he sees, Skirchenko is able to show the true Russia, unaffected by the whims of man. The Russian landscape is lush and enchanting even in the chill of winter. The landscape is a form of escapism, allowing for the viewer to leave their current situation and travel far away into the world of the painting.

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