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Archangel Michael and Joann Predtecha

Svetlana Stepanova, Archangel Michael and Joann Predtecha

Svetlana Stepanova was born in Novgorod and attended the Novgorod University. Since 1986, Stepanova has been involved in the creation of art which she has exhibited in various venues. Her work Archangel Michael and Joann Predtecha (c. 1997) has been widely shown.

Stepanova’s work is profoundly impacted by the Novgorodians’ rich tradition of icon painting; which is evident here in Archangel Michael and Joann Predtecha. She uses a dazzling rainbow palette that gives the sky and water a magical appearance. Placed atop the shimmering landscape and magnificent Orthodox Church are two flatten figures; looking out of place like cardboard cut-outs. The flat colors of the figures create a nice balance with the busy textures behind them. Stepanova uses many well placed compositional devices to guide your eye through the scene; your eye first goes to the sun (since it is the brightest object), then your glance wanders past the church to the Archangel Michael who stares down at Joann Predtecha; who in turn gazes into the colorful water, as do you.

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