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Valery Molchanov, White Night, mixed media, 80 x 60cm, 1998

White Night


    Born in Pensa. Died in 1998.
    1990 Graduated from Design and Decorative Arts Academy, St.-Petersburg
    1996 A member of the Artists Union of Russia
    Works in original graphic, oil painting, enamel and forging.

    1991 Group exhibition “Art without Borders” in Petrozavodsk 
    1993/1997 Annual exhibition of St.-Petersburg artists at Manezh Gallery (St.-Petersburg)
    1995 “Art means Business”. Project of St.-Petersburg Support Society for Artists, St.-Petersburg Business Support Center and Soros Fund.
    1997 A participant at “Window to Holland” exhibition. Netherlands Consulate in St.-Petersburg
    1999 Group exhibition in Santa Barbara, CA.
    2000 Artexpo San Francisco, CA.
    2000 Solo exhibition, Belyj Svet gallery, Tver.
    2001 Artexpo New York, NY.
    2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Tovbin home. San Francisco, CA.
    2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Portnoy. Hillsborough, CA.
    2004 Group exhibition at Artodox Publishing place. San Francisco, CA.
    2007 The Mix: Russian Modern Art. Group exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

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