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Sveta Gadzhieva, Still Life with Snails, oil on paper, 50 x 64 cm, 1998

Still Life with Snails


    They are married couple. They do all their artworks together. Gadzhiev Sabir Takhir-Ogly was born in 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine. Svetlana was born in 1963 in Cheliabinsk, Russia. In 1993 both of them graduated from Repin's Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Live and work in St. Petersburg.
    "Metaphysical Mind - this is the closest definition for our art that we can suggest according to our personal experience of communication with our artworks. We agree that there is an architectural approach in the art we are doing. We are trying to catch a specific dynamic, to create unusual universe using unexpected combinations of oil and water color technique, of multilevel surface and clear line graphic. Different techniques and multidimensional forms compare each other in our attempt to get out from ordinary trite reality."
    1994 - 1997 - traveling exhibition "Artists of Russia, England 
    1998 - Exhibition "Artists of the Northwest" gallery "Sofia", Rochester, Santa Barbara, USA 
    1999 - Exhibition of "Anatomy of a Contemporary Art Gallery ArtKollegiya St. Petersburg, Russia 
    1999 -,, I remember a wonderful moment ... Gallery ArtKollegiya, St. Petersburg, Russia 
    1999 - Exhibition "Mirages", gallery "White Light", Tver, Russia 
    1999 - Exhibition "Sand City", Gdansk, Poland 
    2000 - Artekspo, San Francisco, USA
    2000 - Exhibition ''Spring 2000'', Elblong, Poland
    2000 - Exhibition ''Colorful Dereams for Adults'', Galeery ''Valencia'', St. Petersburg, Russia
    2000, 2001 - Exhibition in the Mayor Hall of St. Petersburg, Russia
    2000 - Exhibition in Latvian General Consulat Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia - Latvia 2002 - Exhibition in Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Museum Amsterdam the Netherlands
    2001 - Artexpo New York, USA
    2002 - Artauction 2002, Lexington,Kentucky,USA
    2003 - Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Tovbin home. San Francisco, USA
    2003 - Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Portnoy home. Hillsborough, USA
    2003 - Exhibition in Zurich
    2003 - Artauction 2003, Lexington,Kentucky,USA
    2004 - Group exhibition at Artodox Publishing place. San Francisco, USA. 
    2004 - Exhibition in Rostov on Don
    2004 - Artauction 2004, Lexington,Kentucky,USA
    2004 - Exhibition in Adult & Community Education Centere. England .Hereford.
    2005 - Exhibition in England . Hereford. 
    2005 - Artauction 2005, Lexington,Kentucky,USA 
    2005 - Exhibition in Latvian General Consulat Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia - Latvia
    2005 - Exhibition in the Mayor Hall of St. Petersburg, Russia
    2006 - Artauction 2006, Lexington,Kentucky,USA
    2007 - The Mix: Russian Modern Art. Group exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, USA
    2007 - Artauction 2007, Lexington,Kentucky,USA.
    2008 - Artauction 2008, Lexington,Kentucky,USA. 
    2009 - exhibition in gallery "Montmartre" -,, views of the canal. St. Petersburg.

    Cooperation with: 
    gallery,, Northern Capital,, St. - Petersburg, 
    gallery,, Painting,, Almaty, 
    Public humanitarian fund,, Tandem,, England. 
    gallery,, Impression Art,, Moscow 
    gallery,, Russian artists,, Toronto, Canada 
    Gallery,, Artera Fine Art,, Ontario, Canada.  
    gallery,, Montmartre,, Saint-Petersburg. 
    Works are in private collections in Russia, America, Canada, Chile, France, Britain, Italy and Germany.

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