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Arthur Molev, Psychic Games, oil on canvas, 100 x 90cm, 1995

Psychic Games


    Born in St.-Petersburg.
    1987/1996 Graduated from the Muchina High Art School (at present the Academy of Industrial Art).
    1992 An artist in “Chernovik” magazine team (Moscow)
    1994 An artist of “Auktsion” rock-group

    Group exhibition “Madness genius”, St.-Petersburg, Moscow.
    Since 1991 A member of all season group exhibitions at Manezh Gallery (St.-Petersburg)
    1993/1998 Individual exhibitions at the following St.-Petersburg galleries:
    “Happy holiday!” at  “BOREI” gallery 
    “Cheers!” at “Gallery-103”
    “BALTIKA 6-7” at Baltisky Dom
    “Carpets” at “Gallery-103”
    “Jedem das seine” at “Gallery-103”
    “How are things?” at “Gallery-21”
    “I don’t remember” at “Gallery-103”
    “Number of image” “Gallery-103”
    “Zhe.V.” at “Gallery-103”
    “Drawings of children” exhibition at Manezh
    “DITYAGRA adopted IFA rooms” at IFA gallery
    “Expected letters” at FOTOIMAGE
    “Relatives”, Gatchina Palace, at Venus pavilion
    “T. U. Che. Ka” at “BOREI” gallery
    1998 Group exhibition in Rochester City, NY.
    1999 Group exhibition in Santa Barbara, CA.
    2000 Artexpo San Francisco, CA.
    2000 Solo exhibition, Belyj Svet gallery, Tver.
    2001 Artexpo New York, NY.
    2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Tovbin home. San Francisco, CA.
    2003 Group exhibition at Mr. and Mrs. Portnoy. Hillsborough, CA.
    2004 Group exhibition at Artodox Publishing place. San Francisco, CA.
    2007 The Mix: Russian Modern Art. Group exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
    Paintings of Arthur Molev are kept in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Israel, Austria, Czech Republic and Russia.

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